Tubal Reversal

Fallopian tubes may be blocked by some reasons such as infection, previous surgery, some immunological problems etc. After excision of damaged area reanastomosis of both healthy ends can be performed to obtain tubal patency. However pregnancy rate after such an operation is approximately 30% in advanced centers. This rate may be different according to place and type of obstruction. If there was a prior surgery, then doctors need to know how the tubes were tide.

Some questions will be the following :
1. Has the surgery done laparoscopically ceuterised?
2. Is it ligated post-portum after cesarean and normal birth?

A HSG report (hysterosalpingography) will be needed to determine the depth of the canal. The tube canals are almost 10- 12 cm in size. 5-6 cm will be required to perform the tubal reversal.

The stay for the tubal reversal is 2 days + maximum 5 days after surgery, totaling 7 days alltogether.