Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer during IVF is the final stage of this procedure. If successful, after the transfer of the blastocyst (3-5-day embryo) successfully implanted in the uterus and pregnancy occurs.

The date of the procedure is chosen by the attending fertility specialist and embryologist. To transfer, the development stage of the blastocyst must clearly correspond to the maturity of the endometrium. The readiness of the endometrium for embryo acceptance is called the implantation window.

How to prepare for embryo transfer during IVF?

Special preparation for embryo transfer in IVF by women is not required. If you are to transfer embryos during IVF, you will receive recommendations from your fertility specialist.

Usually they include:

take a shower on the eve of the procedure;

1–2 hours before transfer, drink 1–2 cups of water (such preparation for embryo transfer during IVF is necessary so that during the manipulation the bladder is moderately full);

come to the procedure without makeup and perfume;

on the day of embryo transfer, it is recommended to donate blood to estradiol and progesterone. After obtaining the result, it is necessary to contact your physician by phone to correct the treatment;

come to the clinic in a state of emotional rest, in a positive mood.