Deciding on Protocoll

Here are two f different types of IVF protocols used in our fertility center:  

Long Protocol

Patient starts to use prescribed medications one week  before the expected period day.Women take these drugs aproximately 10-15 days. At the end we reccomend to do ultrasound scan and  estradiol blood test. After that using follicle  stimulating  medications Ovarian Stimulation will be started.The dosage will be based upon on womens age, weight,number of ovaries,FSH and estradiol level.

When follicles met the criteria patients must do the hCG injections  to induce the final stage of oocyte maturation and to release the eggs.Here timing administration  play very important role and the patient must follow instruction.

Short Protocol

Short protocol starts with cycle day 2 of the patient periods. After scan and blood tests medications are prescribed and shall be start at that day. Every two or three days patient will have scan to check the size of the follicles until they will reach the right size to do hCG injections for trigger the eggs