This is our second time to Istanbul and the Jinemed. I am 40 years old. The outcome has been a success with a natural FET cycle and we are still awaiting the first scan results. We are so very happy. We had 5 frozen, 3 day embryos (from 2009) that were in two vials. We were advised to culture to day 5 to wheedle out the fittest. Sage advice. We were lucky as 2 survived, ok ish quality this time. No medication this cycle, only progesterone after transfer. Many thanks to Zuhal and Dr Meric for responding so promptly to my anxieties as we have never undergone a natural FET before. This was allowed…

Alhamdulillah, Masha’Allah This is our second gladness to get pregnant from IVF in Jinemed Hospital. The first was with Prof. Dr. Teksen Çamlıbel and Dr.Esra, the second was with Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu.
All the staff are extremely kind, gentle, and fabulous.

Our heartfelt thanks to Zuhal Tascioglu “patient coordinator” for providing high-quality care in addition to the emotional support, We are grateful for taking the time to listen and understand our family’s situation, thank you for everything. Words cannot express how grateful we are.

Our special thanks to Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu, The words “thank you” could never be enough to express our gratitude to you and your team to welcome our second baby. We will…

I went there last month for IVF after 5 years trying to get pregnant but Wasn’t succeed but eventually with help from ifv is happiness. the hospital people have been so nice especially zuhal. She help us from start to finish and that was really helpful thank you so much

I used the medical service of the clinic “Jinemed”. The clinic provides medical services at the highest professional level. Doctors and employees have deep knowledge and experience, and are polite, courteous people. I am sincerely grateful to “Jinemed” and wish them prosperity. Speciall thanks to Dr.Teksen Chamlibel, Dr. Handan Namli and Viktoria Bitmish. Forever “Jinemed”! Muzaffar. Tashkent. Uzbekistan.

We live in Ireland,originally from Lithuania and ivf costs here are not normal.Now we are very happy to have chosen to do the ivf in Jinemed clinic Istanbul.It was our first time and we got lucky I am pregnant 3 weeks now.(couldn’t get pregnant for 6 years,because of endometriosis).We are so thankful to all the team,especially to prof.Meric Karacan for giving as a chance to be a parients and always explaining everything and Zuhal for looking after us from the very begining and cooperating,while we where still at home.Everyone spoke very good english,so all the procedure was clear.There was no delays in clinic,everything was on time and we felt very relaxed and stress free.

The best IVF Hospital. Would like to thank the whole team especially to Omer, whose quick and valuable response from the very first day until the complete treatment. He was always 24/7 in contact with us, very intelligent and professional guy. We decided to take the injections in UK and went to turkey a day before the trigger injection. two eggs were transferred back after 5 days. We came back to UK and today after 10 days we had the blood test and it is POSITIVE. Dont have the words to explain how easy and smooth the whole procedure went. credit goes to Mr Omer who answers all of our silly and bundle of…

We have worked in this beautiful hospital and treated us with sincerity and seriousness, and all thanks to the medical staff, the doctor and the translator Omar. Thanks

Doctor Teksen Camlibel and is team are real professionals and the best team. Before them we had 3 treatments of IVF with no results. This is the second time we had an IVF with them. From first treatment we have a girl our littel angel and now we have a positive result also. Thank to doctor Teksan and whole team.

Wow! firstly, we wish to express our appreciation to God for the joy of our twin pregnancy after 5 years. Our journey with Jinemed was indeed a dream come true from a single IVF cycle on the back of so much openness, care & support from the Jinemed team led by Prof. Teksen and Dr. Handan.
Would definitely recommend Jinemed to anyone in need of IVF treatment. Mr.&Mrs. I from Nigeria