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Upon request, female patients can be treated by female doctor


Medical Team - MERIC , MD


The Istanbul School of Medicine in 1987


Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine

Reproductive Endocrinology department at the State University of New York
Robert Wood Johnson University in the USA from 1992-1995.

Director of IVF Center at the International Hospital Istanbul. from 1998-2003
Director of IVF center at Jinemed Hospital since 2003


Opeating Doctor Ms. HANDAN


Date of Birth: 1969


Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty, İzmir, TURKEY                                     1985-1991

Speciliation SSK Göztepe Education and Research Hospital , Izmir Turkey       1997-2001

IVF specialisation at Acıbadem , Istanbul, Turkey                                                 2008-2009


DR HANDAN worked at many IVF centers in Turkey since 1997,

She has been working at Jinemed since 2016


Infertility problems and treatments

IVF and IUI applications

Hormonal problems and treatments

Irregular cycle problems and treatments

Cysts, myomas , fibroids and treatments

Pregnancy follow up and birth


Turkish Gyncology and Obstertrics Association

Türkish German Gynecology Association

ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine)


Medical Team - DR OMER

He was born in 1965. After graduating from Ankara Namik Kemal Primary School and Secondary School in 1981 from Ankara Science High School in 1987, He graduated from Gulhane Military Medical Academy.

In 1989, he went to the Federal Republic of Germany.  Since  the early years of  his  Assistant’s  period   he worked in the infertility and IVF  section. He  took an active role in various IVF centers. He returned to Turkey in 1999.

In 1989, he went to the Federal Republic of Germany.  Since  the early years of  his  Assistant’s  period   he worked in the infertility and IVF  section. He  took an active role in various IVF centers. He returned to Turkey in 1999.

He worked at KadikoyVatan Hospital between the years 1999-2010, Switzerland Hospital, and established his own ivf center in Northern Iraq between 2010-2014.
He serves at Kalamış IVF Center since May 2014.
Dr Omer speaks English and German

Medical Team - DR. HAKAN

Hakan was born in Ankara in 1956. He began his medical training at the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1980. And again he completed his residency training is continued in Hacettepe University Medical School Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 1985.

He completed his Doctors of military service as Second Lieutenant the Military Hospital in Kyrenia (Cyprus) in 1986.

He began his career as a doctor of Gynecologic Oncology Clinic Between the years 1987-1992 in Ankara Oncology Hospital. He continued his carrier in different hospitals in Ankara ;

in 1992-1996 years ; Ankara Bayındır Hospital

in 1996-1999 years ; Ankara Med-Art Hospital as a Clinical Chief . After undertaking the clinical chief task , he continued his career in Ankara Guven Hospital as specialist between 1999-2004.

The years Between 2005-2009, he continued his career as a Chairman , Medical Director of IVF Center, Centrum Specialist in Bursa Ren clinic.

Dr.Hakan worked for ALMAN (German) Hospital -ISTANBUL IVF Center Department as the president of IVF department .

He has done many studies abroad in order to maintain his professional development, Dr. Hakan participated in the survey and certification programs, Antwerp Laser Endoscopy Certificate (1991), Tel Aviv Assaf Harof IVF Center IVF Certificate (1992-1993), Tel Aviv Assaf Harof ICSA Certificate (1995), HUFAs Hospital Management Certificate (1996-1997) owns certificates.

Dr. Hakan had a A4M Anti-Aging Course In 2006 LasVegas and in Chicago in 2007, also carries out work in this area.

Dr.Hakan has memberships of TJOD (Turkish Association of Gynecology), TSRM (Turkish Soceity of Reproduciv Medicine), OTBM (the Board of the Association of Private IVF Centers), ASRM (American Soceity of Reproductive Medicine), ES (Endocrine Soceity), A4M (American antiaging Soceity), ESHRE (European

Soceity of Human Reproduction and Embryology), BENIJEG (Bursa Endo Infert Jin Endoscopy Society) .

Medical Team - MUNIP , MD

Uccle Royal High School in Brussels, Belgium 1986
Brussels Free University School of Medicine in 1993.


Gynecology Service of Saint Pierre Hospital in the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), 93-98

Saint Pierre Hospital in the Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Member of Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery & IVF Team at the same hospital
Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery Unit at New York Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital, supervised by Prof. Harry Reich.
Director of IVF center at Jinemed-Kalamış Medical Center since 2000


Medical Team - Dr_Ziya

He graduated from University of Trakya in 1992 and completed residency in Suleymaniye Hospital, Department of  Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1998.

He started working in Suleymaniye Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department as a  specialist.

He worked for 4 years in Department of  Gynecology – Obstetrics.

He studied in University of Ege, Department of In Vitro Fertilization for 6 months in 2001.

He was the founder of IVF Department in Suleymaniye Hospital and worked as a director until 2007.

He joined to Jinemed Clinics – Istanbul in 2007 and has been a specialist in IVF team.

Medical Team - MUSTAFA , MD

Kabataş Boys High School 1983
Hacettepe University English Language Medical School in 1990

Marmara University School of Medicine specializing in gynecology.

Department head at Marmara University Medical School’s Vakfı Academic Hospital.
Perinatology Department at SUNY Stony Brook,NY in 2000
Michigan University Hospital from 2002-2003.
Certification from the 11-14th Week Nuchal Scan Program.

Turkish Perinatology Association
FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation)

Medical Team - MELIKE , MD


Istanbul School of Medicine in 1997


Researcher in the Gynecology Department of the Istanbul School of Medicine from 1997-2000.
She conducted research on fetal dopplers from 2000-2002, submitting the results in her specialty thesis.
In 2002, she served as a consultant on efforts to set up the necessary health infrastructure in Afghanistan on a special assignment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 2002, she also worked with a perinatolgy research group in Athens

Medical Team - NIHAL , MD

Valedictorian of Izmir Şehit Fethi Bey High School in 1981
Ege University 87
Master’s degree in Health Institution Administration Marmara University


Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine from 1990-1995, where she specialized in anesthesiology and recovery.

Anesthesiologist in the Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Hospital and World Eye Hospital.
Jinemed – Kalamış Medical Center.

Medical Team - >MURAT , Embryologist
MURAT , Embryologist

Ankara University Biology Department 1993
Masters at Ankara University Institute of Sciences 1994
Masters degree on Medical Biology and Genetics at Kadir Has University Health Sciences Institute 2004

IVF Department at Ankara University Sciences Institute 96-01
Director of Embryology Laboratory at Jinemed since 01

Medical Team - AYSE , MD

Istanbul University School of Medicine 1995 PHD degree on Hystology – Embryology at KTU Medical Faculty

Research Assistant at KTU Medical Faculty Founded IVF center of Turkiye Hospital in 2001-2004 Joined the Jinemed Team on 2004

Medical Team - Dr Esra

Dr Esra

OBGYN&Infertility Specialist

-Istanbul Medical School 2001,

-Specilization in Zeynep Kamil Research & Education Women’s Hospital

-Experience in Trabzon OBGYN Hospital for 6 years as operating doctor and surgeon

-Experience in Jinemed as OBGYN and Infertility Specialist since 2014.