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In today’s world, is it realistic to talk about a stress-free life at all?

Each of us has a different story, and regardless of the content of each story, we do all have ‘stress’ in our journey!

When we look into the etymology of the word ‘Stress’, it seems like to derived from the Latin word “stringere” which means ‘to tighten’  and imagine that you are in a fertility journey hoping to have a happy end at the end of your journey but is it possible not to stress during this emotional journey? Maybe we are stuck in the idea that we should NOT have stress at all during an IVF journey and the more we try to avoid it the more we feel stressed!  Maybe we should accept that it is absolutely normal to feel stressed before, during and after the treatment but there are many ways to reduce the level of stress!

Recently you may have heard the concept of ‘Mindfulness’, it does sound like one of the recent popular trends however if you join one of the mindfulness yoga or mindfulness groups it may be helpful to practise concentrating on ‘now’ rather than worrying all the time for the future. You may apply this habit to your daily life during your treatment. As IVFTurkey team we believe that it is essential to provide emotional support for our patients coming all around the world to Istanbul. With this aim from yoga sessions to meditation groups, we do all have a handful of addresses near to our hospitals to direct our patients in Istanbul. All you need to do is to liaise with our team in Istanbul! For our patients in London, soon we are going to organise support groups, and we are very excited to join the Patient Pledge which is the Fertility Network’s initiative. In addition to these, we and also our patients find all the articles/events very useful on IVF Babble’s website to accompany to their IVF Journeys’ to remind themselves that they are not alone in this journey!

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