CGH Analysys

Chromosomal abnormalities  in embryos may cause implantation failures and miscarriages

CGH technique which is the newest PGD technqiue which looks at all chromosomes of the embryos. Humans have 46 chromozomes. Therefore its much more developed technique. Fisch technique PGD on the hand looks only at 5 chromozomes. CGH gives a better understanding of genetically healthy embryos compared to the Fish Technique

The disadvantage is that the CGH is priced per embryo and the analysis is still expensive. CGH is requires the embryos to be frozen. We do the CGH and freeze the embryos 5-6 days after the egg collection. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the results to come. The patient needs to come back to the clinic for a frozen embryo transfer.

This technique is useful for couples who had multiple IVF failures or miscarriages.