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SERVICES - Medical Branches

1-Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Jinemed Medical Centers are specialised in OBGYN. We follow closely all the developments in OBGYN and apply new advances immediately.

2-Invitro Fertilization Center (IVF):
Being the first IVF center of Istanbul, our success rates are the same as that of the most advanced IVF centres in the World. In Jinemed, we help infertile couples not only medically, but spiritually as well.

3-Pregnancy and Delivery:
Jinemed is a high risk obstetrical center with perinatologist and NICU on board. We promote natural birth in home like environment.

Jinemed is a 7/24 pediatric service, run by subspecialists.

5-Plastic Surgery:
All the modern applications of the plastic surgery are practised, from Vaser to laparoscopic face lift, from hair transplants to world renown rhinoplasty techniques.

6-Cosmetic & General Dentistry:
In Jinemed, cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers, implants; orthodontics are in high demand and you will be fascinated to see how we can improve your appearance.

7-General Surgery:
All kind of general surgical procedures including laparoscopic surgeries, weight reduction procedures, reflux operations, anorectal interventions, etc. are done by board certified physicians.

Jinemed has a full urology service with sub specialist in gynecologic urology and prolapsus surgery, incontinence surgery, laparoscopic prostatectomy, and uro-oncology, etc.

9-Orthopaedics – Traumatology:
Various problems from a simple injury to complex fractures incurred after trauma are treated with modern methods. Jinemed has special clinics in Foot Disease and Back Disease.

10-Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT):
Examinations are performed by endovision systems. We have special interest in snoring surgery,  Laringeal nodules and reflux treatments

Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, reflux treatments and wait reduction by intra-gastric balloon treatments are done successfully at Jinemed.



90 850 420 10 70 Germany tel 0231 177 2511 dockling
UK tel 020 3039 3099 USA tel 1-646-290-9068
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